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CFC Frequently Asked Questions

Couples for Christ (CFC) is a movement intended for the renewal and strengthening of Christian family life. It is an association of Christian couples who have committed themselves to the Lord and to one another, so that they may grow into maturity as men an women of God and fulfil their primary vocation of raising up their families under the lordship of Jesus Christ and for the service of the Kingdom of God.

Who can become members of Couples for Christ?

Any married Catholic couple can become members of CFC...

How does Couples for Christ intend to work for Christian family renewal?

CFC intends to carry out its work by focusing on three specific objectives...

How does a couple become members of Couples for Christ?

Those who want to join CFC go through a seminar which is called a Christian Life Program (CLP)...

How about Christian formation?

Finishing the CLP is just the beginning of a long process of growth and transformation in Christ...

Is there any cost involved?

There are no fees or any monetary expenses required of participants...

Why is such a ministry necessary?

It is God's plan that the family be the basic unit of society, such that the condition of society...

What is the nature of the Christian Life Program?

The Christian Life Program (CLP) is an integrated course leading into a renewed understanding of God's call to us as Christian couples...

Is CFC recognized by the Catholic Church?

Yes, CFC is a servant and lay arm of the Church in the work of renewal, and has a number of bishops as its Spiritual Directors...

What happens after the Christian Life Program?

After the CLP, those who finish are invited to join CFC...

What benefits can a parish derive in having Couples for Christ?

Strong couples makes for strong families, which make for strong parish...

What is the nature of this household?

The purpose of the household group is to build an environment for the support of the Christian life of couples...

How is Couples for Christ different from other movements or organizations?

CFC differs in a number of ways but the most significant are the following...

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