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The Tekton Guild

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Tekton Guild


One critical component of working with the poor is socio-economic renewal. This will involve a recognition that we are stewards over creation and thus of the world’s goods. A genuine realization of this should then lead to all of us striving to work for a new global economic order, one characterized by justice and equity.

Our Name:

In the middle ages, a guild was an association of people with a common interest. Among the most important guilds were associations of merchants and craftworkers. Guilds were organized for greater security against attack, for economic synergy by acting together, for mutual help to members in need, for charitable work in building schools and helping the poor, and for supporting the Church.

"Tekton" is a Greek word used to refer to Jesus as a carpenter (Mk 6:3; Mt 13:55). The word describes a craftsman who works with stone, metal or wood.

Thus, The Tekton Guild, as a Social Ministry of CFC, is an association of Christian businessmen, professionals and workers that will animate the workplace with the Spirit of Jesus. It will be involved in work and the economic realm. It will promote economic networking and mutual help among its members, assist in the evangelization work of CFC and the Church, look to promote justice and equity in the global economic order.

Our Vision:

A renewed global economic order where there is equitable distribution of the world’s good such that there is no person in need.

Our Mission:

  1. To evangelize the corporate milieu.
  2. To work for poverty alleviation.
  3. To work for a restructured global economic order that promotes stewardship, solidarity, sharing of resources and social justice.

Components of Our Work:

Evangelization of the corporate milieu

  1. Tekton Forum.
    • Once a month meeting, focusing on economic issues.
    • Venue for evangelizing top executives, businessmen and corporate people.
  2. Corporate Fellowships.
    • Establish Corporate Fellowships in companies and work places, excluding government offices.
  3. The Tekton Club.
    • Strategic evangelization of top corporate executives.
    • An exclusive elite club of members who are top executives.
    • Later be involved in roundtable type of meeting with our brethren who are top-level leaders from the executive department, the legislature, the judiciary, labor, education and the military/police.
  4. Labor union.
    • Establish a Christian labor union.

Work for poverty alleviation

  1. Cooperative development.
    • Establish Co-ops for Christ throughout the Philippines.
    • Establish Philippine (and later global) trading network.
    • Oversee the CFC Cooperative System (CCS)
  2. Microfinance.
  3. Low-cost housing.
    • Provide business and technical support for massive low-cost housing projects in partnership with TATAG that will lead to the establishment of GK communities.
    • Integrate manpower pooling, enterprise development, microfinance and developmentof housing cooperatives in the TATAG housing program for sustainable development of GK communities.
  4. Entrepreneurship development.
    • Provide technical assistance to cooperatives/members in setting up small businesses.
  5. Human resource development.
    • Manpower pooling.
    • Job placement (Participating companies to disseminate job openings through the CFC network).
  6. Pastoral formation support for the work with them poor of CFC
    • Financial stewardship talks.
    • Values formation for socio-economic renewal in GK communities.

Restructured global economic order

  1. Advocacy on economic issues.
    • Position papers on economic issues affecting the country, reflecting the Christian point of view. Act as think tank for CFC on Economic matters.
    • Proposal for legislation.
    • Consumer protection.
  2. Promotion of estate planning and creative giving to CFC.
  3. Business ventures, if any.
    • e.g. HMO of CFC Medical Mission group.
    • Assist CCS in establishing banks, manufacturing facilities retail associations, etc.
  4. CFC Finance Advisory Group.
    • Advise CFC Council on financial matters.
    • Undertake studies on such things as CFC credit card, community insurance, global HQ, coordinated fundraising, etc.
  5. CFC internal audit.

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