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Oikos Society


Total human liberation is intimately tied in to the environment. Everything we consume ultimately comes from the land -- food, water, air, energy, natural resources, even synthetic materials. Thus our physical lives are affected tremendously by the quality of the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat. All these in turn are affected by the state of the environment.

Unfortunately, environmental degradation is widespread. There is pollution, mounting garbage, deforestation, depletion of marine resources, damage to ecosystems, erosion and loss of valuable topsoil. We face lack of potable water, global warming, desertification, loss of animal and plant species, destructive changes in weather patterns. Environmental degradation impacts on people, directly and indirectly. It affects our food chain, our life support system, our health, our quality of life and our future.

The world is more and more becoming less and less habitable for all creatures. The call for united action to protect our environment is urgent. Citizens cannot just wait for their governments to satisfactorily act on the problem. It is necessary for the citizens of the work to be more proactive in stopping further environmental degradation, and bring the ailing earth to a restored condition, and maintain it that way. It is necessary that economic development be sustainable, so that the needs of them present may be met without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Our Name:

Ecology is the study of our environment, of the relationships among all of nature's elements.

The word "ecology" comes from the Greek work oikos, which means "house." Nature is our house.

A "society" is an organized group working together for a common interest. On a larger scale, a society is a community or nation having common interests and collective activities. And of course, the whole world is becoming one global village, with actions of nations impacting on all other nations, especially as these relate to the environment. We have become one global society.

As a Social Ministry of CFC, The Oikos Society will be concerned about the state of the environment in the world today

Our Vision:

An ecologically balanced, clean and healthy environment, with the communities living with and caring responsibly for it, such that we help preserve the integrity of creation.

Our Mission:

To assert the role of every individual in the protection, conservation and management of the threatened ecological balance and the environment thorough relevant and innovative programs, partnerships and appropriate information towards sustainable development.

Our Work:

Our commitment is to help rebuild the damaged earth, maintain a balanced ecosystem, and promote a clean and green environment. Concretely, the ministry aims to:

  1. Promote a clear understanding of every individual's role as a steward of the environment (Gen 1:26-28; 2:15).
  2. Promote respect and appreciation of nature and all that is in it.
  3. Promote cleanliness at home, in the neighborhood and the workplace, practicing proper waste management.
  4. Advocate practices that are environment-friendly as well as take a stand against traditional practices destructive to the environment and natural resources.
  5. Mobilize that various CFC ministries, particularly the youth and singles, for environment-related advocacy and programs
  6. Initiate, tap and link with other organizations in carrying out environment-related endeavors and projects.
  7. Support, complement and counterpart efforts or programs of other groups and agencies tasked and mandated to protect, conserve and manage the environment.

In particular, we will pursue the following activities:

  1. Education programs.
  2. With particular focus on the youth and on GK areas.
  3. Projects.
    • Women's War on Waster (WWOW).
      • Energy conservation.
      • Reforestation (Project: T.R.E.E.S.).
      • Organic farming.
  4. Advocacy.
    • Pro-environment legislation.
    • Preservation of public lands, such as forests and nature preserves.

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