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St. Thomas More & Associates


"Socio" refers to society, which is the human community with its complex set of relationships. “Political” in a wider sense also refers to the total complex of relations between people living in society, and in a narrow sense to government and the conduct of government. Since government has been ordained by God to serve the people (Rom 131, 4a), government and society are extricably linked together. We cannot talk of renewal of one without consideration of the other.

This ministry then is intended to extend our ministry of renewal in Christ to the socio-political arena, i.e., to the different areas of society, especially for the poor and oppressed, with emphasis on the conduct of government.

Our Name:

Thomas More was a high official in England, holding many important positions. He resigned as Lord Chancellor because he did not approve of the divorce King Henry VIII wanted from Catherine of Aragon in order to marry Anne Boleyn. He further refused to take the oath recognizing the children of said king and Anne Boleyn as heirs to the throne, which oath also required acceptance of King Henry VIII’s supremacy as head of the English church and rejection of the Pope’s authority. Thomas More stated his position thus: “I am the king’s good servant, but God’s first.” As a result of his steadfastness to his faith, he was beheaded. St. Thomas More is a model for how we, and especially public officials, are to be good and responsible members of society and servants of the people, but without compromising our faith.

Our Vision:

To work for the renewal of the temporal order according to Gospel values, by helping build the Church of the poor, with the goal promoting total human liberation.

Our Mission:

  1. To uphold, defend and promote the dignity and fundamental rights of the human person.
  2. To work for morality, justice and peace in society.
  3. To contribute to the reformation of the political order.
  4. To defend the poor, the weak and the oppressed.
  5. To support the work of CFC.

Components of Our Work:

  1. Support the life and mission of CFC.
    • Network with CFC’s special ministries.
    • Provide legal assistance to the CFC prison ministry.
    • Provide legal assistance to our individual members, especially the poor, the weak and the oppressed.
    • Arbitrate legal disputes betweeen CFC members.
  2. Participate in the fight against crime, pornography and anti-life forces.
    • Provide legal assistance to non-CFC persons or groups in specific cases that will have a profound impact on our mission as STMA.
  3. Mount legislative lobby for or against issues.
  4. Propose progressive legislation and oppose oppressive legislation.
  5. Work for more committed Christians in government service.
    • Support the appointment of committed Christians to public office.
    • Develop, train, assist, support and encourage committed Christian leaders in their public service.
    • Participate in non-partisan efforts to elect competent and godly people to public office.
  6. Evangelize the legal profession.
  7. Provide legal support to the Catholic Church on issues of national concern.

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