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Medical Mission Foundation


The pursuit of the total liberation of man according to the divine plan of God rests comfortably and relevantly in the life and mission of CFC. In line with this, the thrust of the CFC Medical Missions Foundation, Inc. is, on them one hand, extending compassionate healing and treatment, and on the other, always living out our charism and call for rapid and massive evangelization.

The model for this ministry is none other that Jesus himself. While devoting a great deal of time and effort during his short public ministry to miraculous works of physical healing, the Lord was always moved to perform these works from the point of spiritual transformation - call to repentance, forgiveness and reconciliation.

Out of the depths of divine love, Jesus placed a special premium on Healing. He was moved by his love for man, he touched the sick as he did the leper, and best of all, he cleansed the soul of the paralytic at Capernaum while causing him to walk.

The inspiration for us in CFC is evident. We hearken to the call to serve the poor, the suffering and the helpless.

The Medical Mission ministry aims to provide the CFC community with a program of preventive and curative health care. To be able to effectively care for others, the community needs to be assured of healthy leaders and members.

The ministry also intends to evangelize people though the alleviation of suffering from sickness By healing them, they will be more receptive to Godís call for spiritual renewal

Our Vision

An empowered evangelistic ministry providing comprehensive, excellent, sustainable health care systems and programs through the CFC global community in the pursuit of total human liberation.

Our Mission

To extend and provide quality health care programs and service, both preventive and curative, to communities by generating and pooling human and financial resources to evangelize through the healing ministry as Christ did.

Components of our Work

  1. Health care delivery.
    • Provide for the health of the community, in the preventive and curative aspects as well as in health promotion.
    • Use the mission work as a means to draw people into the community.
    • Sustain and affirm CFC members.
  2. Resource Building.
    • Human resources.
      • mobilize and empower medical/paramedical volunteers and lay health workers.
    • Financial resources.
      • generate funds to sustain the existing and planned programs.
    • Networking.
      • network manpower and facilities.
      • establish a referral system in MM and nationwide.
  3. Effective management
    • Form management teams and train them in year-round planning for mission work.
    • Set up means for monitoring and controlling systems.

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