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Family Enrichment & Education (FEED)


CFC is basically a family life renewal ministry. In addition, CFC is doing a wholistic work for total human liberation. Thus, CFC is working to build the Church of the Home and the Church of the Poor. In line with this dual thrust, the continuing education and enrichment of the family is vital.

Our Vision

FEED as a welfare ministry of CFC seeks to develop and sustain love and respect for life, to uphold the dignity of every human and maintain the true vision of family in this changing world.

Our Mission

FEED Ministry has the following purposes:

  1. To serve the CFC community by providing specialized inputs and support for the CFC family life renewal ministry, by developing pro-life and pro-family attitudes among its members and by being a training ground for the continuous education and formation of family workers.
  2. To establish the programs and services of FEED in all areas where CFC is present.
  3. To provide pro-life and pro-family services to parishes, schools and other institutions.

Components of our work

FEED has various areas of service. The courses and activities contained therein may be distinguished from our regular formation courses in that they are not required courses for particular segments of the general membership, but rather are specialized offering for specific needs.

  1. Marriage Preparation Program (MPP)
    • A pre-Cana course which aims to give engaged couples a clear understanding of marriage, their roles and responsibilities as husband and wife, the Church’s teachings on responsible parenthood and how they can get support to ensure a successful married life.
    • FEED promotes MPP and gives formation and training to its volunteer speakers and service providers.

  2. Responsible Parenthood (based on Humanae Vitae)
    • Teaches the couples to appreciate and use their gift of sexuality in having the right number of children according to God’s plans.
    • FEED informs them of its real definition and help them to follow it by training them on natural family planning.

  3. Natural Family Planning
    • A way of life of deciding responsibly the best time to have a child provided the reasons are valid and the means are moral.
    • FEED provide users’ and teachers’ training on the Church’s approved NFP methods particularly on Billings Ovulation Method (BOM).

  4. Parenting
    • Programs for enhancing family relationships.
    • On top of the what CFC offers, FEED provides teachings on effective parenting, what children need from their parents and how to give sex education to your children.

  5. Counseling
    • Actual counseling services for those in need particularly on pregnancy crisis, post abortion, and marriage and family.
    • FEED also conducts training on basic counseling skills, on LOVE approach, on HEART and soon on COMPASS counseling.

  6. Marriage Tribunal Ministry
    • This orients CFC members, especially leaders, about the validity or invalidity of a solemnized marriage, for pastoral purposes.
    • FEED offers guidance and practical help to those couples or individuals who are thinking or planning to apply for a declaration of nullity from the Church Marriage Tribunal, especially the members of the Jacob’s Well ministry.

  7. Special Projects
    • SEXUAL INTEGRITY and ABSTINENCE EDUCATION PROGRAM - our newest offering for the youth and singles promoting the value of chastity and the advantages of premarital abstinence.
    • "USAPANG MAGINOO" - an educational module intended for the men of “Gawad Kalinga” to develop their awareness on the true meaning and value of Responsible Parenthood and Natural Family Planning as a way of life.
    • Resource Center - a collection of audio, video, and printed materials promoting the culture of life.
    • Gabriel Project - care for pregnant women in crisis and promotion of adoption.
    • Ruth’s Ministry - care for elderly persons.

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