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Educational Foundation, Inc.


The mission of CFC is Christian family life renewal. Our goal is to raise up families in the Holy Spirit that will renew the face of the earth. In this task, CFC looks to the stability, strength, and empowerment of families.

CFC formation and empowerment start with the young. The parents take responsibility in raising up their children in the discipline and instruction of the Lord. As the children are growing, Christian schools then support the parents in this task.

CFC sees the formation of the young as a crucial element in the work of renewing the face of the earth. As such the Ministry is intended to do our share in educating and forming the young.

Our Vision:

The CFC School of the Morning Star (SMS)/SIBOL will be a Christian school that will provide quality education within a Christian environment, with the goal of raising up young people who will be well-grounded:

  • Academically
    • intellectual and emotional formation
    • development of special gifts and talents
  • C Socio-culturally
    • develop healthy interpersonal relationships
    • foundation for responsible citizenship
  • Spiritually
    • able to lead victorious Christian lives
    • formation into dedicated servants and disciples of Christ

Our Mission:

The objectives of CFC-EFI are the following:

  1. Establish the CFC School of the Morning Star (CFC-SMS) in different areas throughout the world.
  2. Establish and run SIBOL schools in our GK areas.
  3. Work for the general improvement of education, especially in promoting Christian values.

The SMS/SIBOL has a basic two-fold mission:

  1. To assist parents in nurturing their children in all aspects of growth (physical, social, emotional, cognitive and spiritual) through a holistic and integrated approach to learning.
  2. To serve as a support for CFC in its mission of global evangelization and holistic Christian family life renewal.

Our Philosophy:

The CFC Educational Foundation Inc believes that:

  1. Children, whatever their color, race, creed or social status, are special gifts of God.
  2. Formation and empowerment of families start with the young.
  3. Everyone has the right to receive quality education.
  4. Parents are the primary educators of the children and teachers serve as facilitators of learning.
  5. Christian education believes in the wholistic approach to education with emphasis on the mind, body, and more importantly the soul and the spirit.

The CFC-SMS is founded on certain basic beliefs, as follows:

  • Children are special gifts from God. They are unique individuals who have their own special place in God’s creation. Childhood experiences are crucial in shaping persons to become admirable, well-rounded citizens of the nation and faithful followers of Christ.
  • Parents are the primary educators of their children. They have the responsibility to raise up their children in the training and instruction of the Lord.
  • The school is part of the support environment for holistic Christian living, and teachers serve as role models and facilitators of learning in partnership with the parents.
  • The larger community environment will have a significant influence on the formation of children. As such, children are to be raised up learning how to be in the world but not of it. In this, Christian peer groups will serve as an important support.
  • The living word of God, the Bible, is to be integrated into the curriculum, as a main source of forming the children’s character towards holiness and mission.

Why SMS/SIBOL is different from other schools

Basically, three things would distinguish the SMS/SIBOL from other good, reputable Christian schools.

  1. CFC-SMS is a part of a larger community, Couples for Christ (CFC). CFC is engaged in holistic family life renewal, strengthening Christian families and homes and providing Christian peer environment for young people.
    • The three environments that have the greatest influences in the life of a young person are the home (family), the school, and the peer group. CFC works at renewal in all three environments, and works such that all three environments are overtly and effectively Christian. It is an integrated and holistic approach, effectively creating only one continuing environment, which is divided three areas.
    • Therefore, the child enrolled in the SMS/SIBOL will become part of an integrated and controlled environment where Christian formation is continually happening, whether in the school, at home, or with one’s peer group.
    • There will be no conflicting teachings, values or witness among teachers, parents, and peers. Thus, there will be no confusion during childhood development.
  2. SMS/SIBOL assures the orthodoxy of its Christian teaching, formation, and approaches. Such orthodoxy is no longer the case with many Christian schools, where the environment is no longer overtly Christian, and where peer groups are very worldly.
    • SMS/SIBOL’s values, curriculum, and formation are mainstream and orthodox.
    • SMS/SIBOL’s teachers are renewed committed Christians who are active members of CFC and its Family Ministries.
  3. SMS/SIBOL utilizes the Integrated Bible-based Curriculum.
    • Children learn their regular lessons while becoming more and more firmly grounded on the word of God.
    • Academic and spiritual formation goes hand in hand, without any dichotomy.

Components of Our Work:

The SMS/SIBOL schools will offer the following:

  1. Pre-school program.
    • Open to children ages 2.5 to 6 years old.
  2. Infant and toddler development program.
    • Open to children from birth to toddlerhood.
  3. Child minding center/day care center
    • For children of parents who have no one to care for them while the parents are at work.
  4. Center for hearing-impaired learning and development (oral-aural school).
    • Intensive speech and language training to develop a child’s residual hearing.
    • Training and support for parents of such children.
  5. Reading recovery program.
    • Improvement of reading skills and development of a love for books.
  6. Tutorial program.
    • Assistance to children in their regular schoolwork.

Aside from the SMS/SIBOL which is the primary thrust of CFC-EFI, we will be involved in the following activities:

  1. Direct supervision of CFC-EFI “supervised schools” throughout the country.
    • Assistance in setting up SMS in an area.
    • Training of teachers and caregivers.
    • Continued supervision and evaluation.
  2. Development of teaching-learning materials, modules, tapes etc.
    • Development of workbooks for use in schools.
    • Development of teaching tapes (audio and video).
  3. Research and development.
  4. Training of school administrators, teachers, caregivers, health workers and parents on issues related to child care and education and spiritual formation.
    • Seminar-Workshop on Early Childhood Education.
    • Early Childhood lecture series.
    • Parents’ seminars for our pre-school and special education parents.
    • Training for caregivers of children.
  5. Corporate renewal programs.
    • Pre-schools and child care centers for corporate employees’ children.
  6. School renewal program.
    • Supervision of privately owned schools.
    • Conduct of CFC programs (CLP, etc.) For teachers, school employees and parents.
  7. Support for and networking with other CFC ministries in the area of education and child care.

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