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The world of today is moving and changing at a fast pace. There are unprecedented challenges to and much confusion about time-honored values of motherhood, family, respect for life. There are increasing attacks on women basically due to pervasive loss and/or absence of respect for the dignity of women because of culture, dysfunctional familial orientations, ignorance and other psychological and social factors.

Even the God-given role of women is being distorted. In the face of all these, the woman of today must adjust in order to cope with these unstable times, while keeping a changeless core within her.

It is in the light of this that CFC has established a social ministry for the empowerment of women. That ministry is TEODORA. Its more formal name is TEODORA: In Defense of the Authentic Woman, Inc.

Our Vision

The authentic woman at the heart of every home and society nurturing and protecting family and life.

Our Mission

To defend the authentic woman.

Teodora will care for, promote and protect the dignity of women, particularly those in their child-bearing years. This is in face of worldwide forces that have redefined the role of women, endangering God's plan.

The main issues for focus of Teodora are authentic womanhood, spiritual and biological motherhood, family and women's role in the holistic development of society.

Our Credo

  • On dignity: Teodora believes that woman is endowed by God with dignity equal to that of man, yet with a nature unique to woman. Their complementarity brings out the fullness of what is truly human.
  • On femininity: Teodora believes woman is best empowered to serve others in whatever line of work she chooses to be in by developing her unique feminine potentials distinctly different from man's.
  • On motherhood: Teodora believes that a woman's material heart is characterized by her great capacity to serve, nurture and protect life, including that of the unborn. Motherhood is "the anchor as the child makes its way along the journey of life." Thus, woman is the heart of every family and of every society.
  • On family: Teodora believes woman and man in marriage is the natural and fundamental unit of society, that a stable marriage is the best protection for woman and children, and that a couple's number of children cannot be dictated upon by any law other than God's.
  • On woman and development: Teodora believes woman has a crucial role in the holistic development of society. Hers is an indispensable contribution to the growth of a culture which unites reason and feeling, and for the establishment of economic and political structures ever more worthy of humanity.

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