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We are proud winner

Welcome to our guestbook, please read the comments below and add your own by clicking HERE! or email us at

Name: rudy abuan
From: milpitas, CA
Reference: NetSearch
Opinion: Well done!!!
Comments: Great to know of this website. Praise to the Almighty Lord for having us a place to hang on and come to read and know more of HIS Kingdom. Thanks to the extra efforts of you brothers/sisters who conceived this marvelous site. I felt at home with my family & the CFC when I am here on the daily readings. Awe-inspiring!!!

Name: KIT Macapagal
From: Angeles City
Reference: Just Surfed On It!
Opinion: No comments
Comments: The site is simply amazing and indeed a God's work!!! Keep it up, brothers and sisters... May God be praised!

Name: Sarah Aranas Castanares
From: New Hampshire, USA
Reference: NetSearch
Opinion: No comments
Comments: Pax Christi!
I miss the SFC family and fellowship. I immigrated here to America to work but I'm originally from Iligan City, Philippines and a member of Sector-C SFC, Iligan.
Is there anyone near my area who's a member of the CFC family? I'll be very happy to know you.
God's graces and blessings be upon all!

Name: Nel Perlas
From: Villamor Air Base, Pasay City
Site: Grace and Nel Perlas Site
Reference: Just Surfed On It!
Opinion: Well done!!!
Comments: Shalom! God be with us always. More power!

Name: Arnold/Boots De Castro
From: Quezon City, Philippines
Reference: NetSearch
Opinion: Well done!!!
Comments: Anything done for the great & almighy Father deserves a congratulations...Keep up the good work & thanks for sharing with us your knowledge...
God bless!

Name: Dario L Asebuque
From: Puerto Princesa City, Palawan
Reference: Just Surfed On It!
Opinion: Well done!!!
Hi! to all our Bros & Sis out there I'm Dario "BUCK" L. Asebuque, married to Candelaria :Didith" Asebuque, blessed with three (3) kids. We're just new in the community (We've just dedicated ourselves last 14 October 2001). We found the community a very nice to live with. It really changed our lives a lot so with our kids who were already all memebers of the YFC.

Name: Mar Hernandez
From: Chicago, ILLINOIS U. S. A.
Reference: NetSearch
Opinion: Looks great!
Comments: Hi!

Peace, blessing, joy and love to all.

Let praises to our God be in your lips all the day and through the night.

Blessed are you Lord our God from eternity to eternity, God from everlasting to everlasting! Your name is praise worthy, glorious and exalted above all forever. All in the heavens and on the earth is yours, yours O Lord is the sovereignty and you have dominion over all!

Name: Danny A. Celebrado
From: Quisao, Pililla, Rizal-Philippines
Reference: Just Surfed On It!
Opinion: No comments
Comments: Nice to know there somebody out there for CFC-really practical!

Name: Boy Molina
From: Apple Village I, Cainta, Rizal, Philippines
Reference: Just Surfed On It!
Opinion: Looks nice
Comments: Is it possible to add a section for the list of available speakers for CLP with their location and contact numbers?

Exchange of speakers may increase bondage amongst CFC members; plus the fact that we are extending our service to other sectors/chapters/units thereby increasing evangelization and/or harvest.

Name: Liezette S. Robles
From: Philippines
Reference: Just Surfed On It!
Opinion: No comments


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