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All Fired Up...
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Baptism of the Holy Spirit
by Frank Padilla, CFC Pastoral Center Director
Reprinted from Nov. - Dec., 1995 issue of Ugnayan Magazine

Power To Witness...

Much of the early Christian witness had to do with the way they lived their lives. They lived a radically transformed communal life (Acts 2:4247; Acts 4:32-35). They burned with zeal to proclaim the gospel (Acts 4:20). They were singleminded and totally dedicated to being witnesses to the gospel (Acts 20:24). They performed many signs and wonders among the people (Acts 5:12).

They were effective witnesses because they were people who were growing in holiness unto the Lord. They had been set apart to reflect a radically transformed personal and communal lifestyle, and also to be the Lord's instruments in spreading the good news throughout the world. Thus both Matthew and Luke stressed this work of the Holy Spirit by speaking of their being baptized with the holy Spirit and fire(Mt 3:11;Lk 3:16).

All Fired Up...

The imagery of fire is very appropriate. While baptism with water is for repentance, baptism with fire is for purification (Mt 3:11-12). It is not enough that our original sin is washed away by the water of Baptism, but we are to move forward in greater holiness in life. It is not enough for us to be just good Christians, going to Church and doing no wrong to others, but we are to grow into the perfection of the Father (Mt 5:48). Only the Holy Spirit can work this in us.

There is another meaning to baptism with fire. The baptism in the Spirit gives us zeal for mission. It is the Spirit that energizes us, emboldens us, gives us a sense of urgency, strengthens us, gives us perseverance. The Spirit keeps us going, even in the face of great difficulties and even severe adversity. The Spirit keeps us dissatisfied with whatever we have accomplished, always keeping us focused on the goal of world evangelization. The Spirit keeps us identified with Jesus' ardent desire, as he said, "I have come to set the earth on fire, and how I wish it were already blazing!"(Lk 12:49).

How appropriate that the Holy Spirit came down upon the disciples in "tongues as of fire" (Acts 2:3)!

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