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We are proud winner
The path to Christ is the path of peace! Couples for Christ is for world peace!

Prayer for Peace

Lord Jesus, we come to you in our need. Create in us an awareness of the massive forces of conflict that threaten our world today. And grant us a sense of urgency to activate the forces of goodness, of justice, of love, and of peace. Where there is armed conflict, let us stretch out our arms to our brothers and sisters. Where there is abundance, let there be simple lifestyle and sharing. Where there is poverty, let there be dignified living and constant striving for just structures. Where there is selfish ambition, let there be humble service. Where there is injustice, let there be atonement. Where there is despair, let there be hope in the Good News. Where there are wounds of division, let there be unity and wholeness. Help us to be committed to the building of Your kingdom, not seeking to be cared for but to care; not expecting to be served but to place ourselves in the service of others; not aspiring to be materially secure but to place our security in your love. Teach us Your spirit, for it is only in loving imitation of You, Lord, that we can discover the healing springs of life that will bring about new birth to the earth and hope for the world. Amen.

Our Lady, Queen of Peace. Pray for us.

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